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Renee Paquette is a Canadian sports broadcaster and actress. She is currently an on-air personality with WWE under the ring name Renee Young, where she performs interviewing and commentating duties. She is a former sportscaster for The Score Paquette was born in Toronto, Ontario, and was raised in Ajax, Ontario. She was a child model. After high school, she applied to several colleges and began training in improvisational comedy. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a comedic actress, but later moved back to Toronto and auditioned for films, music videos, and commercials. ..
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Renee Young chats with hip hop sensation Wiz Khalifa at a recent WWE event; discussing the artist’s career, interests, and his love for WWE!

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After most of the world was disappointed by the “Fight of the Century,” JBL vows to put on the “Fight of the Millennium!” Also, an original short based on the comedy of Dolph Ziggler.

(via WWE on YouTube)

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Renee Young is in the interview area with Dean Ambrose. She asks Dean about his chances of being the WWE World Champion after Payback. He says the odds are better than before he faced Seth Rollins on Monday. Dean says he isn’t a math or science guy. He is more a hanging out on the bleachers kind of guy.

Dean says he does care about rules, schedules, or the word that describes the people who try to keep you down . . . Authority. Dean says he believes in Chaos. It is something you cannot factor into any equation. Anyone can win at any time. Maybe the last guy you would expect or want to will walk out as the new WWE Champion. Dean mentions the history of Contract Signings and he says that people will probably not be happy with him tonight.

We go to Renee Young, who is with Roman Reigns. She asks Roman about the issues with the people in the ring tonight for the contract signing. Roman says he has been rivals with Randy Orton since Day One. He hates everything about Seth Rollins. He likes Dean because he is like a brother to him and he trusts him. Dean is going to scratch and crawl for everything to try to win the title. Roman says it will not be enough because he is bringing the biggest fight to the ring at Payback. We are getting closer to when he can punch people in the mouth.

Renee Young is with Randy Orton in the back. She asks him about the addition of Dean Ambrose into the match at Payback and if it changes his strategy. Randy says he will hit whoever is closest to him. It does not matter who is in his way. He will get back what is his and that is the WWE Championship. Randy says that he will be facing the former members of the Shield, but he says that one of them won’t make it to Payback.

We are back and Renee Young is with Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble. She asks Seth about the contract signing. Seth says he is the man who makes the impossible possible. Seth reminds us of him shocking the world by beating Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to win the title. Renee brings up Kane saying the Wrestlemania moment was only due to Kane

(via Online World of Wrestling)

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